Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Jun18#3Landmarks West Caravan Crater Lake Oregon

Diamond Lake NF Oregon
 Kathy at Diamond Lake
 Gene at Diamond Lake
 Crater Lake NP Oregon

 Kathy at Crater Lake

Jun18#2Landmarks West Caravan SoWest Oregon

Hellsgate Canyon Boat Trip in Oregon

 Jefferson Oregon

Jun18#1Landmarks West Caravan Northern California

At Castelo di Amarosa Winery in No California

 In San Francisco
 Pier 39 in San Francisco
JoAnn Gearhart (Colorado) admiring the  Redwood root System in Redwood NP
 Kathy inside a giant Redwood
 Northern California Coast line

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Our Campsite at 10,800ft in Sugarloaf CG Medicine Bow NF Snowy Range (SE Wyoming)
 Kathy at Libby Lake Medicine Bow NF
 Richard, Ethan, Gene, Ellie, Claire, Nicole, Kathy (Our Daughter's Family) near Medicine Bow Peak
 Valley of Medicine Bow Peak
 Lookout Lake, Snowy Range Area.  Great Fly Fishing area.
 Gene hiking near Medicine Bow Peak
 Mirror Lake in the Snowy Range area of Medicine Bow NF- SE Wyoming
 Lake Marie in Snowy Range Area
 Ethan, Ellie, Claire Harper in Lake Marie area of Medicine Bow NF
 View from our Campsite in Sugarloaf CG, Snowy Range, Medicine Bow NF
 Moose near our Campground in Sugarloaf area of Snowy Range

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Kathy & Cissy Thibadeau(Georgia) at Wild Bluff Golf Resort near Sault Ste. Marie, MI
 Wild Bluff beautiful golf Course on Lake Superior
 Our Friend the Fox on the Golf Course

 Gene taking on Swing on #18
 John & Cissy Thibadeau
 Gene & Kathy Blanchard

 Murray(our friends Jack Russell) Discussing our Golf game with the Local Fox on Wild Bluff GC
Gene" What a Swing"


Large Tanker going thru the Locks in Sault Ste. Marie, MI toward Lake Huron

 Looking Toward Lake Superior
 Looking toward Lake Huron/St Mary River

 Small Tanker going into Lake Superior