Tuesday, September 1, 2015

#10Summer15 Lava Beds, CA & Golf at RunningY, OR

Valentine Cave tour in Lava Bed NM, Calif
Hike to Fire Watch Tower in Lava Bed NM
 View of Mt Shasta in No Calif

Running Y Golf Course, Klamath Falls, OR

#9Summer15 Crater Lake, OR

Views of Crater Lake NP, Oregon

 Lake is clear to 135 feet

#8Summer15 Cape Blanco Port Orford, Oregon

Cape Blanco State Park, OREGON

 Kathy on a blustery day at Cape Blanco Lighthouse, OR
 Port Orford Coastline, OR
 Gene & Kathy in Port Orford, OR
 Our Campsite in Cape Blanco SP, OR

#7Summer15RedwoodsMyerFlat, Crescent City, CA

Gene & Kathy in the Giant Redwoods of Northern Coast of California

 Victorian House in Ferndale, CA
 Our Campsite in Myers Flat

#6Summer15 Mendocino,Plymouth, CA

Mendocino,CA Church Steeple carved from one Block of Redwood
 California Coast in Mendocino
 Ft Bragg CA coastline Glass Beach
 Kathy on the Beach in Ft Bragg
 Gene on the California Coast
 Northern Calif Coast

 Our Campground in Plymouth, CA