Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Golden Gate Canyon State Park & Estes Park-Elk in Colorado

Gene & Roberta Williams admiring the view from Panorama Point in Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Colorado

Aspen Changing Colors in Golden Gate Canyon near Golden Colorado

More views in Golden Gate Canyon

Mountains Mountains in Colorado

More Changing Aspens

Elk in Estes Park Colorado

Kathy enjoying watching the Elk in Estes Park Colorado

Elk in Estes

Beautiful Bull Elk in Estes

They are everywhere

Herds and Herds coming down from the Mountains

Mueller St Park & The Craigs, CO

Old Homestead Ranch in Mueller State Park, Divide, Colorado

View from the Chessman Ranch Area in Mueller

Kathy on a Hike in Mueller

Aspen's and Kathy in Mueller

Kathy feeding a Gray Jay on a hike in Mueller

Kathy & Gene on A Hike in Mueller

Kathy & Gene in the Aspen's on the Craig's Hike 

Harper's at the top of the Craigs near Pike Peak 

Ethan & Ellie (Grandkids) on top of the Craig's

Ethan & Ellie holding up the World on Craig's Hike

Gene at Rock Pond in Mueller State Park

Aspen's Changing on Mueller hike

Our Campsite in Mueller State Park

Angel Fire Experience with the Barkers

Mike & Marcia Barker and their toys

Gene & Kathy in a Nat'l Forest near the Barker's

Marcia Barker, Gene & Kathy on top of the mountain near the Barkers Angel Fire, NM home

Elk below the Barker's Home in Angel Fire

Feeding the Hummingbirds at the Barker Home

View from the Barker's Deck

Mike putting on the Angel Fire Golf Course

View from The Deck at the Barker's home

Marcia, Kathy, & Mike on top of the mountain near their home

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Views of Chaco Canyon NP, New Mexico

Kathy looking at a Kiva in Chaco

One of the largest Kiva's in No America

Ancient Stairs out of Chaco Canyon walked on by the Anazi

An Airstream that made it down the 13 miles of Washboard Road into Chaco Canyon CG

Ridgway CG, Ouray, Silverton, CO

Gene admiring the Lake at Ridgway State Park, CO

Another view of the Ridgway Campground

Visiting Ouray, CO

Beautiful Mountains around Ouray, CO

Sunset at our campground Ridgway State Park

On our way to Silverton on the Million Dollar Highway

Kathy in Silverton, CO

Red Mountain Pass between Ouray and Silverton