Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ferry leaving Reveltstoke,BC for trip to Colorado Springs.Our Airstream by lake in Yellowstone (stopped for Picnic Lunch)
Kathy at Lake Yellowstone
Buffalo in Yellowstone NP
Old Faithful in Yellowstone NP
Valley Rainbow from top of Mount Revelstoke, BC.Gene and his Indian Buddy on top of Mount Revelstoke, BC
Kathy on Revelstoke mountain.
Gene and Kathy on Mount Revelstoke
Town of Revelstoke, BC
Lakeside at campground in Quesnel, BCHaving dinner with friends(Gene,Carolyn Beardshear-Ind, Rosemary Leach-Hou, Kathy Warren-Calif, Carlos Leach-Hou, Mike Zimmerman-Ind, Kathy,George Scott-AZ) in Campground near Kamloops,BC.
Moose on the road between Quisnel & Barkersville, BC.
Kathy watching Larry Warren-Calif pan for gold in Barkersville Ghost mining town BC.
Gene riding Stagecoach with Tom Angelini (Mass) and Larry Warren-CA. in Barkersville BC