Monday, August 23, 2010

Totem Poles in Nisga Canyon Area near Terrace, BC
Gene near Terrace, BC
Gene & Kathy in the Lava beds near Nisha Native Indian Lands
Gene at the base of the 500 year old Spruce Tree in Kitamat, BC
Our Black Truck and Airstream on the Road Between Terrace and Fraser Lake, BC.
Gene with Carolyn Beardshaw and Kathy Bacon on the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry between Sitka, Alaska and Prince Rupert, BC.Alaska Marine Highway Ferry Scenery outside of Sitka, Alaska
Sitka, Alaska Harbor
Gene after catching a Halibut 25 miles offshore Sitka, Alaska
Carlos Leach (Houston,Tx),George Scott(Arizona),Larry Warren(Calif),& Gene with King Salmon Catch 20 miles offshore Sitka, Alaska.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

56ft long tour boat with iceberg and North Sawyer Glacier behind it (Tracy Arm area south of Juneau, Alaska)Closeup of Iceberg- wow what martini ice this could make.

Gene & Kathy at the No. Sawyer GlacierUp Close and Personal with the Glacier.
Spectacular view of the Glacier.
Tracy Arm of the No. Sawyer Glacier 80 miles south of Juneau.
Beautiful Alaskan Scenery.
On the way to Tracy Arm Glacier
Waterfalls on Tracy Arm.
Alaskan Bar in Juneau.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Kathy at KSAN First Nation Reservation near Hazelton, BC.Totem Poles and Replica's of the Ancient Dwellings at KSAN
Annie Barlow outside one of the houses in KSAN.
Glacier near Kitwanga, BC.
Another view of the Glacier near Kitwanga.
Another Black Bear at Fish Creek, Hyder, Alaska.Sunset from our Campground in Hyder.
Mountain Meadow near Salmon Glacier, BC
Berendon Glacier, BC with view of recently melted million year old ICE Lake.
Blue Glacier Ice.
Berendon Glacier Near Granduc Mine, BC
Upclose and personal with the Glacier.
Glacier with Lake Water over a million years old.
Inside and under the Berendon Glacier.
In the Berendon Glacier gettin million year old ice for my martini.
Campground Happy Hour in Hyder Alaska.George Scott and his Salmon catch in Hyder, Alaska
Kathy B. and Kathy Warren (Calif) at Salmon, Glacier BC outside Hyder.
Gene and Kathy at another Glacier near Hyder.
Kathy at the little PO in Hyder, USA
Grizzly Bear at Fish Creek NP outside of Hyder, Alaska.Grizzly got his fish.
Grizzly is looking for his Salmon of the day.
Black Bear at Fish Creek, NP going to look for its first fish of the day.
Grizzly chasing a Salmon in Fish Creek NP, Hyder Alaska.
View of our Airstream and one of many Glaciers on the Alaska Highway between Houston,BC and Hyder, Alaska.More Glaciers Outside of Stewart, BC.
Visit to a Sawmill in Houston, BC.
Gene & Kathy at Visitor Center in Houston, British Colombia.
Flowers outside the Campground office Houston, BC.