Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mueller St Park & The Craigs, CO

Old Homestead Ranch in Mueller State Park, Divide, Colorado

View from the Chessman Ranch Area in Mueller

Kathy on a Hike in Mueller

Aspen's and Kathy in Mueller

Kathy feeding a Gray Jay on a hike in Mueller

Kathy & Gene on A Hike in Mueller

Kathy & Gene in the Aspen's on the Craig's Hike 

Harper's at the top of the Craigs near Pike Peak 

Ethan & Ellie (Grandkids) on top of the Craig's

Ethan & Ellie holding up the World on Craig's Hike

Gene at Rock Pond in Mueller State Park

Aspen's Changing on Mueller hike

Our Campsite in Mueller State Park

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